Empowering Potential.

We put families at the center of their child’s care. Our secure & single-solution app lets parents easily manage their child’s overall health from birth to adulthood with supports at each stage of their child’s unique development.

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Our Values

Parents need better tools, support and access to information. They should be comfortable and prepared in their roles as primary caregivers: feeling empowered & autonomous in their decision-making for their children’s health, development and overall wellbeing. Children, similarly, deserve a community that empowers them in reaching their full potential.

Our Impact

ALL children and their parents express benefits from using Communikind. However, families of children with chronic conditions, who are especially vulnerable and dependent on their caregivers for support, instrumentally benefit from Communikind’s platform.


CHILDREN in the United states

have defined "special health care needs"


million children Are affected

with a chronic physical, developmental, behavioral, mental health or emotional condition and require health or related services beyond that required by other children.


of US Households with children

have at least one child with special health care needs.

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Creating a Community of Care

From the moment a baby is born until they reach adulthood, dozens of care providers and educators enter a child's life and influence their medical care and overall development, especially when that child has a particular special health care need. 

Communikind is a resource network where all these experts and stakeholders in a child's development meet, learn and collaborate with one another. Through shared content and discussions, all caregivers are supported through greater education and community. 

Beta Product Testimonials from parents

“It is epically rare that I am ever excited about an app since many do not grow with my children and family or have the flexibility I need. I am so happy to be a beta user for Communikind!”