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Your family's health, empowered

Communikind is a secure digital platform for modern families. Safely build, store, and share your family’s comprehensive health history and care needs, when and where it matters. Available on web and mobile app. 


Your Parenting Toolkit

Communikind is a care management app for the whole family.

Build your child’s health history - from birth to adulthood -  and arm your care village with all the information they need to support your child's unique needs.


Your family's information, all in one place

Child Profile

Your child’s important information, easy to access, download, print or share


Your digital lockbox for sensitive documents, files, and various family records



Everything a caregiver needs to know about your children at the touch of your fingertip


Easily find important information, documents, and health events

Care Calendar

Manage your family's daily schedule and assign events to other care takers

A Strong Community

We help you create a united community to empower your child’s potential


Track your child's progress and development

Easy Access

Wherever, Whenever


Making life easier for all parents

Benefits of Communikind

Easily share all important info with those you trust with caring for your family

New Babysitter or Teacher?

Starting over is easy

On-boarding a new caregiver is a only few clicks away

Parents away?


Nap schedule, bath routine, insurance information - they have it all


Don't panic

Medical history, prescription info, allergies - ready to share at all times

Amy, Mom of 1

It is epically rare that I am ever excited about an app since many do not grow with my children and family or have the flexibility I need. I am so happy to be a Communikind early adopter!

User  Testimonials

John, Dad of 3

This app is genius. With our busy schedules, my wife and I have had a really hard time organizing all of our children’s information and until now it has lived in several paper piles in our home or on our computers. The fact that we can also store photographs on here is great!

Nina, Mom of 1

Communikind is our home base for our child’s information. I wish that my parents had built a comprehensive record for me when I was younger since I developed a chronic illness in adulthood. But I’m so happy I can do this for my children.

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