What about my pets?

Pets are part of the family, too! Dogs and cats have specialized profiles on Communikind that include things like dog-specific or cat-specific measurements, vaccines, and medications. 

What if I don't want everyone in my family to see what's going on with my health?

We know that health information can be sensitive and that you might not want to share every piece of your health with all of your family members. So, we've given you all the power to decide who sees what. Any time you post something on Communikind, you can decide exactly who in your family will see it. 

How secure is my health information?

Privacy and security are extremely important to us – we always err on the side of protecting your privacy. We are a HIPAA secure app, and as a company, we do not view any of your health information.

How can I share things I've logged in Communikind with my doctor?

You can either add your doctor as a caregiver in the app or export your health information as a PDF to share it with them. When exporting your health information, you can specify an exact date range and filter to only show certain health issues (e.g. that nasty cough you've been having for the past few weeks that won't go away).

Can a co-parent have access?

There are two options for including another parent in your Communikind family. You can add them as your partner and specify which children are theirs, giving them admin access to those children’s accounts. If you don’t want them to have full admin access (where they can add, delete, and edit your child’s profile) or simply don’t view this co-parent as a part of your household or family, you can always add them as a caregiver and specify which children they care for.

Who owns my health information in the app?

You and only you own the health information that you enter into the app.