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Helping you take care of your family

Be empowered. Your family’s holistic care and health record is now securely in your hands.
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Care Management Redefined
Caring for ourselves is a daily activity and doesn’t just happen at the doctor’s office. Starting with your children, we put you in control of managing your family’s holistic health information so your care needs are met every day.
What We Offer

Communikind's platform offers you care management tools personalized for your family's needs.

We built our app with love, care, and insights from 1000+ families. Access anywhere and anytime on mobile and desktop.
Personalized Profiles.

Customized for adults*, children, and even your pets. There is a place for every piece of care information for every member in your unique family.

DocBox: Secure File Cabinet.

Store medical records, developmental reports, files and images. Yes, we can port your medical charts* from your doctor too.

Monitor Health Events.

Track growth, medications, immunizations or symptoms. Building a history on the go is simple with our health tracker.

Share Information.

Update your care village on new information or in an emergency. Sharing the burden of responsibilities is easier when everyone is on the same page.

Control Access.

You own your information and YOU decide who, when and how much to share. With granular permissions for users, granting and revoking access is instantaneous.

Care Coaching.

We support you on your unique journey to better care for yourself and your loved ones. Our goal is to empower you to live a healthier and more fullfilled life.

* Coming in 2020.

We Care Deeply About This Mission

Our mission is to empower families in being their own best care advocates. The tremendous passion and drive our team has towards furthering health for all families is why we wake up in the morning and bring our whole selves to this work each day. We feel the moral responsibility to not only do this right but also to do it well. Our company values reflect our devotion.
Our Story

Families First.

The health system is riddled with buzzwords like “patient-centered” and “family-centered” care. However, these terms are meaningless unless families are at the center and have unrestricted access to their information, care decisions, and resources. Communikind puts families first, and we’re committed to reshaping the system around you. Families are at the heart of every decision we make as a company.

Caring Holistically.

Health is not just a physical symptom. It affects the whole self and must be viewed holistically. You deserve a complete picture of your health, and we help you stitch together all the data points of your care history. We recognize that caring for your family is a daily responsibility. We are here to help your family at every step with emotional support, motivation and trusted resources.

Privacy & Security.

We deserve a secure and private space to store our health data. Communikind’s digital platform is HIPAA compliant, requires 2-factor authentication, and uses stringent standards for security and privacy. Our mission to empower families in their health means that you own your data, decide who to share it with, and control access at a granular level.
Take Control of Your Care Journey
More than 1 in 4 young children and 60% of adults suffer from chronic health conditions. With growing numbers each year, the data proves that we are indeed working within a sick care system.

Every child is one of a kind.

Their care needs are too. Is your child’s village all on the same page?
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