What do parents say?


Lisa & Nick - parents of 1, expecting their second

“We hate to say that we are helicopter parents but we are prepared and well read. Every time my husband and I are away, I always have to jot down all the instructions, care needs, emergency contacts for my children for a nanny or their grandparents. We are very strict about screen time and diet and want to make sure that how we care for our children is how others would care for them. I’m glad I no longer have to keep writing this up.

Communikind makes going on trips without the kids easy!”

Anjali - pediatrics resident physician at Stanford Medicine

“Since I heard about Communikind, I keep thinking about how tremendously helpful this would be not only for families but for me as a physician. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in the ER or Urgent Care and a family will come in from a different facility and can’t recall their child’s medication list, allergies, surgical history and or last visits.

I see so much value in Communikind’s mission to empower families in their roles as caregivers, but, really, it also empowers health professionals in taking better care of children.”

Amy - mom of 2

“It is epically rare that I am ever excited about an app since many do not grow with my children and family or have the flexibility I need. I am so happy to be a Communikind early adopter!”

Nina - mom of 1

“Communikind is our home base for our child’s information. I wish that my parents had built a comprehensive record for me when I was younger since I developed a chronic illness in adulthood. But I’m so happy I can do this for my children.”

John - dad of 3

“This app is genius. With our busy schedules, my wife and I have has a really hard time organizing all of our children’s information and until now it has lived in several paper piles in our home or on our computers. The fact that we can also store photographs on here is great!”